Investment Services


Our investment products and services can help you to set and achieve your financial goals. Whether you're planning for college, to buy a home, for retirement, or for that trip to Hawaii, working with a professional financial consultant can help you meet your needs and make your dreams come true.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Florida Credit Union has the most flexible certificate program around! You name the term and set it up to suit your financial needs. We offer both regular certificates and IRA certificates. We also offer competitive rates – click here for the current rate sheet.





Money Market Accounts

If you’re looking for solutions to earn higher dividends without locking up your money, FCU’s money market accounts are for you. These accounts will help put your money to work by earning higher dividends. Best of all, FCU’s money market accounts are risk-free investments insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Best of all, you’ll still enjoy easy access to your money whenever you need it with:

  • Free Checks
  • Free Visa Debit Card
  • Free ATM transactions
  • Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking and eStatements

No more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephone or internet transfers and withdrawals may be made from this account to another account of yours or to a 3rd party in any month. If you exceed these limitations, transactions may be denied or your account may be subject to a fee.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

The tax advantages of an IRA Savings or Certificate account can be a tremendous help in your goal to achieve financial security and possible tax savings*. FCU offers IRA savings, IRA CDs and Roth IRAs. Leare more about IRAs with the FCU blog!

*Consult your tax advisor for the tax benefits that apply to your funds.

SWBC Investment Services

Florida Credit Union works with knowledgeable financial experts, resources, information, and investment products for planning and directing your future.  Click here for more information and learn about the safe ways to invest for retirement with FCU.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to get started or click here for current rates.

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