Financial Advice
Credit Unions vs. Banks

Ten years after the 2008 recession, millions of Americans are still looking for different options for their money. What most are finding is that credit unions are the sweet spot of the financial world. Unfortunately, most people just don’t know enough about credit unions to take the final steps into financial freedom. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions consumers have about credit unions today.

Financial Advice
Why do I have 3 credit scores?

It’s easier than ever before to find out your credit score. Companies are now providing day-to-day updates on credit score changes through websites and mobile apps, letting you track fluctuations in your score and changes on your report practically in real time. But it can be confusing to learn you have multiple scores depending on where you look.

A Step-by-Step Mortgage Guide

This is a guest post from FCU’s AVP of Mortgage Services, Byron Zonin. Buying a home is one of the most impactful and involved financial decision you can make. The process of securing a mortgage and…

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