Financial Tips For You and Your Family During Covid-19

When the President declared COVID-19 a national emergency in early 2020, few people knew just how much life would change in the months that followed. While we are all making sacrifices during these tough times to help flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, the federal government continues to roll out relief programs in hopes of steering clear of an economic recession.

An Introduction to FCU Anywhere

Florida Credit Union’s brand new online and mobile banking platform, FCU Anywhere, is launching on May 12th, 2020! Learn more about upcoming changes and features that are guaranteed to improve your online banking experience.

Banking Tools
How Can I Add My Cards to a Mobile Wallet?

Lighten your load. No need for heavy purses and bulky wallets in the 21st century. Nowadays, if you have a phone, you have total access to your money. Mobile wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay are completely free and easy to sign up for. All you need to know is your credit and/or debit card number and CVV code. Read this blog and watch our video to learn how to add your cards to a digital wallet. 

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