Financial Advice
Avoiding Holiday Shopping Dread: 7 Tips to Keep You Sane

According to LendingTree, 61% of Americans report feeling dread leading up to the holiday season. With the average consumer spending $602.65 on holiday gifts ($850.38 for parents!), it’s no wonder why holiday dread is so high. Keep reading to learn seven tips that’ll keep your holiday shopping stress free.

Building an Emergency Fund: How to Set a Budget When You're in Debt

Did you know that the average American has roughly $38,000 in personal debt, and that doesn't even include their mortgage? Being in debt can feel suffocating and crippling, like a hole you can't escape. However, it doesn't have to be that way. With careful budgeting and planning, you can both pay off your debt and build an emergency fund. Let's take a look at how.

Financial Advice
Financial Advice for Teens

When it comes to money, there are some things they don’t teach you in school but you need to know as an adult. Before they head off to college or start a career post-high school, you’ll need to make sure your kids know about how money works in the real world.

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