SmartSaver: Saving with a Smartphone

  • May 20, 2016
  • FCU Team

Money-Saving Apps & Tools Designed for Smart Shopping

In a previous article about financial planning apps and money management tools, we told you how much money you can save by using your tech, but there are just some things you can do to save on a smartphone that you can't do any other way! Thanks to built-in tools like GPS navigation, access to the internet and cool money-saving apps, we've found a couple more ways to save with the device that's always in your pocket.

Save with Comparison Apps

Ever put something in your grocery cart and thought "Didn't I see this on sale somewhere else?" With your smartphone, you don't have to go home paying more. It's easy to compare prices with apps like RedLaser which let you scan the barcode to see if the item is cheaper from a different retailer. Plus, if you know which store was having a sale on the item, you could always do a quick search to see if the price was better or if they have a redeemable coupon for the product.

Save with Loyalty Card Apps

Loyalty cards can offer great discounts with frequent use, but they're easy to lose or forget at home. However, by using an app like Stocard, you can store all your loyalty card information in one place by scanning in the barcode or typing in your loyalty number. Imagine how much lighter your keychain will feel! 

Save with Cheaper Parking Apps

Trying to park in a bigger city can be real pain, especially if you can't find any free parking spaces. Don't waste gas (and money!) by driving around in circles looking for somewhere to park; instead, try an app like Parker by Streetline or Spothero, that can show you exactly where the parking lots and decks are, how much they cost and even how many spaces are available!

How do you save money with the apps on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below!  

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