Tired of writing so many checks? Manage your bills electronically.
  • Pay and receive bills online
  • Easy enrollment
  • No charge for standard service
  • Schedule automatic payments

No one likes sitting down with a pile of bills, checks and stamps. That's why you'll love our fast, free Online Bill Pay service. You can log into your Florida Credit Union account and make one-time electronic payments, or you can arrange for recurring bills, like utilities, to be paid automatically. Either way, you'll spend more time doing the things you like and less time worrying about late or missed payments.

If you've never used Bill Pay, you'll soon wonder how you lived without it. 

  • Pay all your bills online for free with no monthly fees, no limit on the number of payees and no per-transaction fees
  • Schedule automatic and recurring payments
  • Allow your bills to come directly to your online account with eBills (select payees)
  • Many payments can be credited to your payee within 2 business days
  • Cancel or change a scheduled payment
  • Person-to-person transfers available with Popmoney®

If you already use Florida Credit Union's Online Banking system, just log in and click the, “Pay Bills," tab and accept the disclosure to get signed up.

If you have not already done so, you will need to register for online banking before using FCUs Bill Pay system.

How does Bill Pay work?

By using FCU’s Bill Pay, you can schedule your bills to be paid at a specific time each month. As long as there are available funds in your Florida Credit Union checking account, your account will be automatically debited for the bills you select to be paid.

How much does Bill Pay cost?

FCU’s Bill Pay is a standard service that is free to all FCU members. Expedited payments area also available, but fees may apply.

How secure is Bill Pay?

We know there is nothing more important to our members than knowing that their transactions are private and secure (review our Privacy Policy for more information). Therefore, we are using the latest in advanced technology to protect your account information through layers of security. Please update your browser to the latest version available to ensure online Bill Payer services go through successfully.

How do I set up eBills?

If a payee is eligible to be enrolled in eBills, then you will see an “eBills” ” link under payment date in the Payment Center. To enroll in eBills, you must have an online relationship with that payee ahead of time. Select the “eBills” link and you have the ability to enter your login information for the payee’s home site. This information connects your billing account with the payee to your online banking account.

What if I have questions or problems?

If your questions are account or transaction related, please contact your local branch. You may also email us at askFCU@flcu.org. (We cannot answer account specific question via email. However, we have secure messaging systems within Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Pay.) Please remember that account numbers should not be included in email correspondence. Florida Credit Union is unable to provide support for the installation of your computer’s hardware or software, nor is the credit union liable for any technical support it does provide. If you have additional questions regarding your hardware or software, we recommend consulting your user manuals or contacting the manufacturer of your hardware or software.

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