Line or Loan?

When it comes to borrowing money, you have quite a few options.  While everyone is familiar with more common loan types such as short-term loans, personal loans and credit cards , they each have pitfalls you’ll want to avoid if you can. If you’re looking for a loan that’s available when you need and doesn’t require a payment when you don’t, a personal line of credit may be right for you.

Financial Advice
Is A Balance Transfer Right For You?

A balance transfer allows you to move exsiting balances from your current card(s) over to a new card that typically has a special offer and/or a lower rate! These special offers and promotional periods offer a window that will allow you to pay your balances down without having to worry about interest. Take a second to review these pros and cons to see if a balance transfer is the right option for you!

Financial Advice
Unmyth'd: Shattering the Stigma

We’re  on a mission to shatter the stigmas surrounding credit unions because we know, like everything else, financial institutions are NOT one size fits all. And why should they be?! Florida Credit Union is here to serve all of your banking needs, no magic lamp required.

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