Personal Savings Accounts


Saving Up with Florida Credit Union

Saving up a little money isn’t just a good idea – it helps to ensure your financial security and protect your family by covering unexpected expenses. Florida Credit Union members can open a savings account with only $5, the exact amount you need to start saving for that dream vacation, a new house, that car you’ve wanted for years, or just a simple rainy day. With no monthly fees, great interest rates, the ability to connect your savings account to a free checking account, and no hidden requirements, you get to keep the money you put in, and even make a little extra!

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Regular Savings Accounts

For members looking to maintain a simple, easily managed savings account, our Regular Savings account is the perfect choice. Our most basic savings account option will earn interest as long as the account maintains a $500 minimum, and funds can be easily transferred to and from checking accounts through our online banking services and at any of our local credit union ATMs.

Personal Savings Accounts

With Personal Savings accounts, members don’t have to maintain a minimum balance and can earn the same interest rates as our Regular Savings option. Personal Savings accounts are a popular choice for small businesses and people looking to ensure financial stability or just have a custom savings account created specifically to serve their needs. Personal savings accounts are also a great choice when you want a bank account for your kids. See our Youth Savings Accounts section below.

Money Market Accounts

Many of our members don’t just want to save money – they want to make money. With our Money Market Account option, members can earn monthly dividends by maintaining a balance of $2,500.

Holiday Club Accounts

When the holiday season rolls around, most people worry about having enough money to buy gifts for family and friends. But, with Florida Credit Union, members can save for the Christmas season all year long with our Holiday Club Accounts. By making regular deposits throughout the year, members can build up the account, and have the entire balance transferred directly to their checking account in November. No more worrying about buying gifts or going broke over the holidays – just the right amount of money, right when you need it.

Vacation Club Accounts

With everything that life throws at you, saving for a vacation can be a hard thing to do. In order to help our members save for their dream trips, Florida Credit Union offers Vacation Club Accounts, a savings option created to help take you where you want to go. By regularly depositing funds throughout the year, members will receive half the balance in July, and the second half in August. Our Vacation Club Account is also great for supplementing slow summer months, particularly for teachers or those employed by seasonal businesses.

Youth Savings Accounts

For parents looking to teach their children financial responsibility, or just set up a fund to help support their children’s education, Youth Savings Accounts from Florida Credit Union offer excellent flexibility and features sure to please any parent.

Building Your Emergency Fund and Learning to Save Money with FCU

Florida Credit Union is wholly committed to helping our members maintain financial security, and a big part of that goal consists of creating or rebuilding your emergency fund savings account, or saving for a Rainy Day fund you'll need when you least expect it. We're here to help our members learn how to save more money and grow their savings account, all of which starts when you open your savings account with the financial professional at Florida Credit Union.

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