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Debt Consolidation Loans and Personal Loans Just for You

Throughout life, you will experience financial stress and times where you need a helping hand, but with Florida Credit Union on your side, you won’t have to navigate these problems on your own. While our selection of free checking accounts, personal savings accounts, and financial advisory services are ideal for helping you manage your finances, it's our personal loans and debt consolidation loans that really help our members safeguard their financial stability. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or are somewhere in between, FCU has a personal loan designed to ensure you’ll have the funds you need for the life you lead.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

For those looking to consolidate high-interest loans and free themselves from debt once and for all, Florida Credit Union offers debt consolidation loans and solutions designed for you – even if you don’t own a home, have bad credit, or have little to no equity! Ask about our debt consolidation loans to start saving today.

eCredit – Checking Account Credit When You Need It

There are few things worse than the worry associated with miscalculating your finances, but with eCredit through Florida Credit Union, you and your free checking account are protected. eCredit is an electronic account that gives you added spending power by protecting your checking account against miscalculations and providing a little extra money to hold you over until payday. eCredit is a line of credit, similar to FCU's credit card options, but with very convenient ways to access and use money. We tie your checking account to eCredit, then when you write a check or use your debit card, eCredit can be easily accessed. Depending on the limit you receive, you can even use it for large purchases. Your eCredit account is also linked in FCU’s Online Banking system, so you can transfer to and from your account as you see fit.

Early Check Advance (ECA) Loans

If you’re running low on cash, but payday is still days away, Florida Credit Union can help! FCU members can receive paycheck cash advance services at a lower price than any other financial institution! And, because we’re loyal to our customers and don’t want to add extra stress to your life, we give you 30 days to repay the advance.

Save Money by Refinancing Your Loans

If you have a loan from another financial institution, refinance it with FCU for instant savings. We can help lower your monthly payments, save money on the overall term of the loan, or even accomplish both, all in one package.

Payment Protection

Unfortunately, life is full of unexpected challenges and tragic events that can affect your financial stability. Florida Credit Union knows that no one can be prepared for everything, which is why we provide our members with payment protection services designed to preserve your financial future and make sure you and your loved ones are financially secure. Payment protection coverage provides a valuable safety net by making loan payments in the event of disability or death of a covered member. For your convenience, your premium is included in your loan payments, so there’s no extra payment to make.

Credit Score Enhancement and Analysis

Your credit score is an integral part of your financial success, and Florida Credit Union is committed to helping ensure you’re going in the right direction. FCU offers free credit counseling to help you identify the best plan for your finances. It’s a no-cost, risk-free opportunity to pay off existing loans and get ready for big purchases in your life, such as buying that car, home, or boat you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Personal Loan Services Available 24/7

FCU Loan Officers are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call your local FCU branch to get your loan application started.

Learn more about Florida Credit Union's personal loan options by reading our Personal Loans brochure!

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