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Florida Credit Union Branch & ATM Locator

Florida Credit Union's ATMs provide members easy access to cash 24/7. Thousands of locations are available through the     and Presto  networks, as well as at FCU branches. And with our ATM Rebate program, you can access funds at ANY nationwide ATM, and we’ll rebate the fees you pay*. ATM transactions include: cash withdrawals from savings, checking, or lines of credit, or transfers between these accounts. Members can find Florida Credit Union branch locations and access the STAR Station locator, which can show you all the accessible ATMs in the world..

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*Offer good on all Florida Credit Union Checking and Savings accounts. Transactions must be made in the United States, and not valid on cruise ships, casinos and international transactions. Must submit receipts within 90 days of surcharge for rebate to be processed. FCU transaction fees may apply. Refer to the FCU fee schedule for additional information.

Coin Machines

  • We offer coin machines at the following branches: 43rd Street, 13th Street, Lake City, Starke, Silver Springs, Ocala and Country Oaks. Simply bring your loose coins and the machine will total your amount and provide you a receipt that you can cash or deposit into your FCU account! This service is free for members. Nonmembers are charged a nominal fee.

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Safety Deposit service is available at our 43rd Street office in Gainesville and at our Silver Springs and Country Oaks branches in Ocala. Sizes range from 3” x 5” to 10” x 10.” Refer to the FCU fee schedule for pricing information.

Night Deposit

  • Drop boxes are available at each branch 24/7.

Notary Services

  • FCU offers notary services at all of our branches. We also offer Signature Guarantee services. Please call your local branch to set up an appointment for this service.  Refer to the FCU fee schedule linked above for pricing information.


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