Simple Steps to Protect Against Fraud

  • Security
  • October 05, 2016
  • FCU Team

It can happen to anyone - you open your credit card statement to find a number of purchases you never made, or apply for a loan only to be denied because of open credit lines you never applied for. As your financial institution, it's important to us that you take every precaution to protect yourself from fraud. We've compiled some simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim!

  1. Review Your Annual Credit Reports.  Thanks to the FACT Act, you're able to acquire your credit report free every year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Transunion and Experian. You can order them at, or you can stop in your local FCU branch for a free credit report analysis. This will help you to determine if anyone has been using your information to open fraudulent credit accounts.
  2. Regularly Review Your Accounts Online. The immediacy of the internet can be a great thing, especially in the case of fraud prevention. With FCU, you can set up online alerts to help alert you to suspicious activity through our Online Banking program.
  3. Protect Your Paper Documentation. Don't let important documents fall to the wayside and become a tool for scammers. Always shred confidential information and credit offers before you throw them away, and make sure you keep bank statements and personal identification information locked away. This includes your Social Security Card - don't leave it in your wallet to get lost or stolen!
  4. Be Cautious On the Internet or Phone. Always be careful when providing your personal or financial information over the internet and phone; only provide personal information if you initiated the call. Using FCU's Security Alerts page, you can also stay up to date on the latest spoofing and phishing tactics to keep yourself safe. It's also a good idea to keep your computer programs updated and protected with a firewall

If you believe you've encountered suspicious activity regarding your account, or potential fraudulent activity through a phone call or email, immediately contact Florida Credit Union's Fraud department by emailing Your financial security is of utmost importance to us! 

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