A Little Off the Top: Shaving Money Off Your Commute

  • Financial Advice
  • October 26, 2012
  • FCU Team

The old saying goes "It takes money to make money," and that is absolutely true when it comes to your daily commute. While it might seem like there's no hope in sight thanks to rising gas prices (Florida's average gas price is around $3.70!), there are always things you can change to help the efficiency of your car and your wallet.

1)      Carpooling: So you don't live close enough to ride your bike, but you aren't a fan of public transportation? That doesn't mean you're out of options! Talk to your friends and coworkers and see if anyone travels a similar route to the office. By teaming up on gas and splitting the millage on your cars, you'll quickly find your morning commute is much less expensive. Plus, you'll have a chance to catch up, even when schedules and offices get busy.

2)      Safer, Slower Driving: Not everyone is a social butterfly in the morning, and that's okay; simply slowing down your driving and cooling down the road rage can help keep change in your pocket. According to the DVRPC, aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking) can reduce gas mileage by 33% at an average highway speed! Not to mention, going at your commute with a calmer outlook could help you avoid wrecks or speed traps, thus keeping your insurance premiums at a minimum.

3)      Adjusting Your Commute Schedule: If you hit rush hour every day, you're not only wasting money but polluting the environment. Leave a little early in the morning and you'll get to work faster with a lot less gas spent. You might even ask your boss if you could adjust your daily schedule; coming in an hour early could mean leaving an hour earlier, and saving a lot of time and cash!

There are tons of other ways to save money on your daily drive; what are your favorites? List them in the comments below! 

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